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Risk is a universal language
- We speak it!

MARINCON GmbH & Co. KG is an independent insurance broker based
in Germany's leading shipping centre, the City and Port of Hamburg.

The company is specialized in marine and transport industries' covers, which are being placed on behalf of our clients in national and international markets. We are offering the following insurance policies and broking services

  • P+I Protection and Indemnity
  • H+M Hull and machinery
  • Transport Operators / Forwarders Cover
  • Specialists Operations Cover - PROJECT / HEAVY LIFT, Hovercraft, Submarines
  • Marine Liabilities
  • Cash Flow Protection / Trade Disruption

Transport and Marine Insurance is a specialized market, with marine covers equalling "only" 0.5% of the world's global insurance premium. In such an environment the choice of reliable and 1st class underwriters is essential. Our access to all major markets and detailed expertise in availabe products enables us to successfully support and back up our customer's ventures at competitive terms and prices standing every comparison.

All tasks of the marine team from placing and claims to technical and accounts are handled by staff in our Hamburg headquarter resulting in a fully integrated service.

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